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Monday, October 27, 2008

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Lineage Revitalized With Two New Expansions
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

NCSoft has released two new expansions for its online fantasy MMO, Lineage. Episodes 6 and U introduce a variety of new content to the game including new maps to explore, monsters to slay, spells to hurl, and quests to complete. The releases coincide with the launch of a new website and forums.

Here is a partial list of changes in the two expansions:

Lastavard Expands
* 6 new maps added!
o Lastavard is divided into two large parts, the upper and lower areas. The lower part of Lastavard consists of the basement up to the third floor. The upper part includes the fourth floor and the Holy Land. Throughout the dungeon you will find Dantes, the eight Supreme Court Justices and more.
o Find ways to open up new passages on the fourth floor by defeating the justices and enemies that you encounter.
* New mops:
o Cursed Dark Elves are the soldiers of Lastavard that lost their souls when the commander of the otherworld appeared. They were reborn into soul-less monsters full of hatred.
o Supreme Court Justices are the elders on the first through the fourth floor. Each has their own strength and can unlock the many new passageways of Lastavard.
o Guardian Spirits summoned from the otherworld have appeared around the dungeon.
* Brand new boss - Girtas is the God of Death who was summoned in the ritual by Dantes. His power is amplified by devouring the souls of the Lastavard Dark Elves.
* New Quests added!

Mac Client Fixes:
We’ve made many improvements to the Mac client.
* Links are now aligned with text.
* Briefly disconnecting from the game will no longer cause a crash when you reconnect.
* The calculator now functions.
* Links will highlight when they are moused over.
* There is sound when you equip or unequip items.
* Using triple arrow with Sayha’s crossbow when you only have 2 arrows left will no longer cause the game to crash.
* An environmental sound slider has been added to the Game Options menu.
* The command /ver will now function.
* Mac users will no longer move slower than PC users.
* Lag fixes have been made to several areas including Fire Valley and Lair of Valakas.
* The character select screen is now animated.
Head over to the pages below to learn more about Lineage and its latest expansions.

Episode 6 & Episode U Feature List
Lineage Patch Notes

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