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Wednesday, December 20, 2000
Mac Combat Mission Mod Manager 1.5
9:28 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Author Dave Ratynski has announced the release of Mac Combat
Mission Mod Manager
, a tool for working with mod files of WWII combat simulator Combat Mission. Here are the details of this tool:

I just wanted to inform you of the recent release of version 1.5 of Mac Combat
Mission Mod Manager program, MCM3 for short. Created with RealBasic, MCM3
dramatically reduces the time and energy spent modifying Combat Mission.

This program allows the mac user to easily customize their version of Combat
Mission, by automatically swapping out the stock textures and sounds with any of
the numerous third party mods that already exist. With MCM3, the user can also
copy out the different textures, allowing them to create their own modifications
(with an appropriate graphics program, not included). Gone are the days where
the mac CM player had to use ResEdit to swap out the different texture

Version 1.5 includes an improved user interface and support for mac system sound
conversions. In addition, the previews of both the selected modification
texture and the current game texture are automatically loaded and displayed,
saving time and effort. The user can also tell MCM3 to make a backup of the
data file they are modifying, select a different folder to modify, and play sound
files or not. In extreme cases, the user can use MCM3 to revert back to either
the original CM data file or a previously modified version. A log file now
allows the user to view what mods they have converted, or reverted, in CM.
Additional features include a jpg/bmp viewer, which allows the user to see a
picture of the mod before they convert it, and the ability to read text files
within the program (which typically consist of a readme for the selected mod).

Lastly, an extensive, graphic-intense readme is included with the program, to
assist the new user in exploring the capabilities of MCM3. An example of
converting a mod is included in the readme.

Excellent news for those who want to inject new life into an already exciting game. Grab the file if you are interested (it is freeware) or give the Combat Mission demo a try if you are new to the title. There is also another mod creation utility, CM MacMod, as well as several texture packs available at the Combat HQ web site.

Combat HQ
Download Mac Combat Mission Manager 1.5 (3.3 MB)
Combat Mission Mac Mod Managers
Combat Mission Review

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