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Monday, October 13, 2008

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Diablo III Wizard Class Revealed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment's BlizzCon 2008 event revealed new information about the company's products including the unveiling of a new character class for the upcoming Diablo III. The Wizard joins the Barbarian and Witchdoctor on the roster of playable character classes for the action RPG. Gaming sites across the net have posted new screenshots, videos, and interviews related to revelations about Diablo III.

From the Diablo III website:

Owing to my lack of tolerance for those who would use magic towards their own nefarious ends, many have assumed that I am averse to the practice of the magical arts on a philosophical level. Nothing could be farther from the truth. My quarrel is with those sorcerers who dismiss the ancient traditions and teachings teachings that have been honed over millennia in order to preserve respect for authority and the rule of law.

Recently the youth of Caldeum have fallen prey to the overblown stories of just such a delinquent wizard. That is correct: I used the uncouth term wizard , not sorcerer . It seems that even the title of a civilized magic wielder is too restrictive for this young upstart. Through my contacts at the Yshari Sanctum of the mage clans, I am one of the few who actually know the truth behind the rumors now sweeping our streets regarding this hellion who flaunts her magic irresponsibly.

This wizard was sent here to spend her formative years under the tutelage of the best mages in the world. Well, it seems they neglected to teach our wizard manners on her native island of Xiansai, for she was a rude and uncooperative student from the very beginning. Originally under the guidance of the Zann Esu mage clan, she was eventually handed over to the Vizjerei in the hopes that their strict and unbending discipline would break her anarchic spirit. Yet even the esteemed Vizjerei instructors were unable to rein her in. She was continually being caught seeking out dangerous and forbidden magics, heedless of the consequences to herself or anyone around her.
From GameSpot:
Playing as a level 10 barbarian the skills at our disposal included a few different melee attacks and a couple of buffs that could be activated anytime we amassed enough rage. One of the melee attacks was mapped to the left mouse button, which is used for movement anytime your cursor isn't hovering over an enemy. The remaining two mele attacks were mapped to the right button, and could be switched between either using the Tab key or the mouse wheel. Furthermore, keys 1 through 4 can have abilities mapped to them, and keys 5 and 6 are used for potions. It's certainly a more complex system than anything that was used in previous Diablo games, but it still looks very accessible by today's standards.
From Gamespy:
Combat and gathering loot are at the core of the Diablo III experience, and Blizzard has certainly come up with interesting ways to keep combat exciting, particularly in the unique approach to death animations. Abilities that you use to destroy enemies are generally tied to unique death animations. If you use a sweeping bladed strike against enemies, you can lop off their heads. Use a smashing hammer blow, and you can smash bodies to bits, making them explode into chunks of bloody body parts. The Wizard's disintegration ray literally melts faces (and everything else) while acid-based attacks will more slowly take creatures apart, breaking them down into a bubbly mess. Not only are there unique death animations for most attacks, but there are even secondary death animations for critical hits with these attacks. The idea is that even when you're killing swarms of similar enemies, you'll always see them dying in explosively entertaining ways.
From an IGN interview with Rob Pardo:
"One of the problems with the Diablo II system is that you kind of lock in with one or two skills. We really wanted to come up with a system that allows you to kind of experiment and try across different areas," he said. Runes are where the experimentation comes in. "You'll actually find drops that are runes out in the world that you can slot into a skill. That will not only augment a skill but it can change it complete... Depending on the type of rune that you got, you might take an ability and it might turn into a multi-shot ability, or it might turn into an area-of-effect ability."
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