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Monday, September 15, 2008

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PlayDetective: Heartbreakers Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Kayo Games has announced the launch of PlayDetective: Heartbreakers for Mac OS X. The game puts gamers in the gumshoes of a private investigator as he attempts to solve a series of infidelity cases. To succeed players must conduct surveillance using a range of tools and gadgets, collect and analyze evidence, and solve difficult puzzles.

More about PlayDetective: Heartbreakers:

A wayward husband who cant seem to stay out of the clubs in the seedier parts of town? A girlfriend who seems to be getting a little too close to her boss at work? Or just a concerned wife who needs a little reassurance that her partner only has eyes for her? Its all in a days work for this detective.
Whether you take a direct approach and interview your suspects and gauge their responses on your lie detector, Or just while away the hours playing some classic games at your local casino while your phone taps do your work for you, its down to you.

Features include:
Investigate 15 unique cases, each packed with more locations, games and intrigue than the last.
Eavesdrop using phone tapping devices or use your trusty camera and zoom lens to catch your suspects in the act.
Recover deleted text messages and piece them together to form evidence for or against your suspect.
Conduct polygraph (lie detector) tests during interviews to unearth the truth.
Play a selection of classic sub-games to earn cash which will aid you in your investigations.
Buy and sell investigation gadgets the tools of your trade.
Confront suspects during the tense moment when you catch them in the act with their lovers.
PlayDetective: Heartbreakers requires an Intel processor, OS X 10.4, at least 256 MB of memory, and 30 MB of hard disk space. Click over to the link below to learn more about the game and download the free trial version.

PlayDetective: Heartbreaker
Kayo Games

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