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Friday, September 12, 2008

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StarCraft II: Game Balance, Returning Cast, Unit Changes
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

New information about Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft II has recently become available on a variety of websites. The Vault Network has posted a new preview of the game, Crispy Gamer has published a new interview with Frank Pearce, OMG StarCraft has offered a collection of new Terran gameplay videos, and Blizzard has announced that the Terran Nomad unit has been renamed the Vulkan.

From The Vault:

The single player aspect of the game will be a little different from the original. One of the things they are introducing is getting the player down to the character level so he feels more connected to the units hes controlling. Instead of having a constant overhead view of the battlefield, between missions players will be able to zoom in on a scene that is almost like a point-and-click type of adventure.
A lot of the original heroes from Starcraft are making a comeback in the sequel. Sarah Kerrigan was an elite trooper for the Terrans but was captured by the Zerg and turned into a hybrid Zerg/Human. Feeling abandoned by the Terrans who had left her on the planet, she is able to overcome being a mindless zombie for the Zerg, has established her own army of Zerg and is now a powerful single force in the universe. Zeratul and Jim Raynor, familiar names for old Starcraft players, will also be in Starcraft II. Of course, more new characters will be introduced as the focus of the game expands out to different planets.
From Crispy Gamer:
Crispy Gamer: How do you balance designing a game that has such a hardcore user base -- especially in Korea -- while keeping the more casual StarCraft player in mind?
Fire reapers
Pearce: One of our development philosophies is to try to create games that are easy to learn but difficult to master: make sure that there's a fast learning curve. When you sit down and play the game for the first time, you feel like it's accessible to you -- that you can grasp the basic concepts, and play and enjoy the game. But we try to also create opportunities to distinguish the average player from an expert player. So there are a lot of units that'll have unique abilities that give the expert players the opportunity to develop strategies around those abilities that the average player might not be able to leverage as well.
From Blizzplanet:
Karune : Speaking of the Nomad, it has actually gotten it's new art update, and a name update as well. It is now known as the Vulkan, and will be resigning down chaos at your expansions with its Auto Turrets.
On that same note, the Archon has also been updated visually with an amazing portrait animation that will surely command respect when ordering this guy around. Furthermore, say good bye to the 'walking' Archons as the 'legs' to the unit model have been removed. This unit now hovers around the battlefield decimating enemy forces like a true ominous being. Keep a look out for these two art updates in future screenshot releases :) This new Archon is also 'leg-less' and has updated art from any build or screenshot seen thus far is what I meant.
For more information check out the links provided below.

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Blizzard Entertainment
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