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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Penny Arcade Adventures Episode Two Preview & Interview
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Joystiq and 1UP have posted new information about the second episode of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. Based on the characters from the Penny Arcade comic strip, the latest chapter in the episodic adventure game allows players to continue the adventure with Tycho and Gabe. Joystiq offers screenshots of Episode 2 as well as the results of an interview with Penny Arcade Adventures Producer Joel DeYoung, while 1UP features a preview of the next installment's wacky action.

From Joystiq:

There are now difficulty levels, including an Insane Mode (unlockable only after beating the game). Special collectibles and pickups are only available if you play Insane Mode. Comparatively, Episode 1's difficulty is "a little easier" than medium.
All the weapons have been replaced. Tycho gets a shotgun, Gabe has new fist upgrades and your player now possesses -- wait for it -- a hoe! Also changed are the special attack minigames.
You now have, among other new items, a revive potion. Healing won't be enough to bring your troops back to life. "Just adds a little bit of depth to it," said DeYoung.
The real-time reaction for defense has been made more obvious (e.g. "Block!" now appears when you need to push block), but nothing analogous for attacking has been added.
You can import your Episode 1 character, but if you don't, your new player will start at level 13. Imported characters can update their appearance at the start with new clothing. DeYoung is "pretty sure" you can get to a max level for the episode whether or not you import a player.
From 1UP:
For starters, Episode II features expanded adventure and role-playing elements. One of the series' more unusual features is its overall structure -- a turn-based combat system reminiscent of the Mario RPG series wrapped in an adventure-game context. But Holkins and Krahulik admit that the first game's adventure aspect was somewhat underwhelming due to the repetition of a limited number of small locations; the follow-up will offer larger and more detailed environments with more substantial item puzzles to solve.

DeYoung demoed a section of the game set in the Cloying Odors Sanitarium, a mental asylum run by the Brahe clan's long-time nemesis, a posh hunter named Wolfington. In order to enter the sanitarium, Tycho and Gabe and the player's character must confer with Tycho's niece, Anne-Claire, in order to build a fuse that will complete an electrical circuit and allow the party to venture ahead. Inside the asylum, they have to fight through a mob of mental patients in order to reach Wolfington's office.

The combat sequences have likewise been beefed up; players can bring over their existing party into the new episode, and character stats reflect the fact that they're considerably more powerful than they were initially. Also, each character has new gear; due to eldritch energies their weapons were imbued with at the end of the first episode, the trio has been forced to dig up new weapons. Gabe has spiked knuckles, Tycho has traded his tommy gun for a double-aught, and the player's user-defined character has swapped out his (or her) rake for a hoe. The battles demonstrate refinements based on user suggestions; for instance, the timing to block enemy attacks is now much clearer, since the almost imperceptible flash of the first game has become a label urging players to defend. Enemies will compensate by employing many more advanced techniques.
Visit the sites below for more information about the episodic adventure game.

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