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Monday, December 18, 2000

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Halo to Feature All-New Effects
10:05 AM | Jay Swartzfeger | Comment on this story

Matt Soell is reporting in his latest update that Halo will feature some never-before-seen effects. Here's a quick excerpt:

- Bernie has been furiously adding graphical sexiness. There's so much great stuff in Halo now that it was hard for him to remember all of it and impossible for me to scribble it all down while he rattled off graphical effect after graphical effect. Remember when Chucky said "per-pixel everything"? He meant EVERYTHING. And Bernie can list everything. Some of the effects he mentioned had names you would not recognize because they have not appeared in any other game, ever. We invented them. He also mentioned that the performance of our unoptimized code is greatly exceeding the programmers' expectations.
Halo is arguably one of the most ambitious video games to date, combining jaw-dropping graphics, hyper-realistic physics and a persistent multiplayer online world. Halo was slated for a 2000 release on the Macintosh, but it now seems more reasonable that the Mac version won't be released until after game launches with Microsoft's X-Box in Fall 2001.

Visit Mac Halo to read Matt's full report and other Halo news.

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Archives  News  Halo to Feature All-New Effects