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Friday, September 5, 2008
Will Wright Discusses Intelligent Design
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 7 comments

GameInformer has published a new interview with Maxis' Will Wright, the mind behind the upcoming Spore evolution sim as well as well blockbuster titles like The Sims and Sim City. The interview covers a variety of topics related to Spore including development challenges and Wright's position on the evolution vs. intelligent design debate.

GI: Obviously, this game emulates the evolution of life on Earth. The theory of evolution has been under fire in recent years. Do you see this game as a commentary on that debate?
Wright: I actually just bought a book on [intelligent design]. Itís interesting to read what the arguments for intelligent design are. They totally leave out any numbers in terms of time, for example, the time between the Cambrian explosion and when other forms of life diverge. If you have a timeline of how long it took, you get a totally different sense of it. There are so many millions of generations that life has had to evolve to where it is. So, I think giving someone an overview of life on Earth up to where we are now frames the whole subject in a different way. For most people, a million years is about the same as a billion years, but they are vastly different. Most people canít begin to comprehend those time scales. So, you look at something as complex as a human being and you wonder, ďHow could this have possibly evolved?Ē But when you take into account how many generations itís been happening, itís pretty remarkable.

GI: So do you see the game as promoting evolution?
Wright: I think people can take away different things. If you look at the game, youíre actually in the role of an intelligent designer Ė or not-so-intelligent, depending on the player. [Laughs] Iíve seen people on the Internet debating whether Spore was promoting intelligent design or evolution. Just getting people to have that discussion is worthwhile, but I personally fall very much on the evolution side of things.
The full interview is available at the site link listed below.

Game Informer: Will Wright Interview
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