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Monday, August 25, 2008

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Diablo III: Official FAQ, Interviews, Deckard Cain Speaks
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The Leipzig Game Convention has added to the Diablo III media frenzy with new interviews and screenshots showcasing Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming third installment in the action RPG series. CVG has posted the official FAQ along with a collection of screenshots. Kotaku, Boomtown, IncGamers and 4Players.de are all offering interviews with lead designer Jay Wilson. PurePandemonium offers a change of pace from all the Wilson interviews in the form of an interview with Michael Gough, the voice of Deckard Cain.

From Kotaku:

After enduring such a long wait for the third Diablo installment, why resuscitate the Barbarian, when there are plenty of perfectly good fantasy game archetypes still left to explore?

Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson says the reason is simple. The Barbarian in Diablo II could've been better. He was a bit more diplomatic in his dissing, saying that the brute force attack class had "room for improvement."

Wilson says that there are absolutely no plans to bring back any other classes in the initial release, but, given that Blizzard wasn't breaking any news at Games Convention, wouldn't dish any details on what the remaining three classes will be.
From 4Players.de:
4Players: Aren't there any heal spells or health regenerating skills?
Jay Wilson: Yes, there are some ways for the characters. One example is the barbarian skill Bloodthirst - but we didn't decide if we keep this skill or kick it in the final version. It is like a temporary boost/buff for yourself to recover health by killing enemies. So there are other ways to recover and we didn't remove the potions. They are a lot less effective and you can't use them very often. They should be used in emergency situations.
For me there is a big difference between difficulty and challenge. Challenge is compelling, like challenge is basically the illusion of difficulty. When you feel a game is really challenging, then the game is exciting. Difficulty is where the game is hard and frustrating. So difficulty we try to avoid and challenge we totally want to embrace. And one of the problems I think Diablo 2 had, it would feel difficult and easy but almost never challenging. You had almost infinite resources and health. So as a designer our only option in this case to actually challenge you is to crush you with damage. Anything less then just crushing you (like one-shotting you) with damage is not gonna challenge or scary you, cause you could instantly recover your health. So what we are trying to do is, essentially create a game, where it is a challenge to just surviving and in which we don't have to make the monsters crush you again. We could actually reduce the damage they do quite a bit. Because essentially entering a fight with them is something you have to do and you have to do it with limited health and that makes the game more exiting and more challenging. And we are really trying to make it not difficult.
From Boomtown:
Blizzard is not prepared to talk about boss fights, yet. Thus the only thing resembling a boss we've seen is the armoured cow (...) on steroids at the end of the announcement trailer. However, according to Wilson that's only going to be a mini-boss. He loves the boss fights in God of War and Zelda, so there's no doubt we'll have to come up with better strategies than just rushing:

The goal is to make players use the specific strengths and weaknesses of a class and utilize the environment - while still retaining the series' focus on fast action. Don't worry - Diablo III will not be a tactical game but it doesn't hurt gameplay to make the player consider all options before launching the attack.
From PurePandemonium:
Thecowking: Is there any difference previously when you had worked with ex-Blizzard North crew led by Bill Roper compared to now with Jay Wilson on the D3 team?
Gough: Yeah, it’s uh…(long pause) hmm…The older stuff was a while ago, but I will day with the D3, everything seems to have taken more of a serious turn. Even the look of the game from the preview footage I’ve seen…it’s just pretty amazing. And you know, even though Deckard Cain retains his personality, everything’s a little more serious, a little more grave, and dark maybe? I would say that overall the tone, I mean it’s still fun and everything, but everything has taken on more of a weight. Maybe they know that it’s been a while and this is going to be a big thing so we have to do it right. I wanted to say “So do we get to do another “Cain Rap?”
But so far, uh…(laughs)
Thecowking: Nothin’ yet huh?
Gough: Nothin’ yet…and unofficially I was in it that when they did the “Cain Rap” it was just on a lark, ya know…supposed to be kind of a joke. I did probably come up with at least half the lyrics, I must say. They had stuff written out and they said “Yeah, if you can think of anything else…let’s throw it in there…"
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