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Friday, August 22, 2008

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Diablo III: Three New Jay Wilson Interviews
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Three new interviews with Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson are now available. Eurogamer, IGN, and GameSpy all questioned the developer about the eagerly anticipated third installment of the popular action RPG franchise.

From Eurogamer:

Eurogamer: Why do you think so few RPGs have gone with the isometric perspective - and why did you choose to stick with it?
Jay Wilson: I think people mistake camera view with technology. A lot of times people say - we had a few people, not very many but a few people in the company who said this - why do you even bother with a 3D engine if you're going isometric? That doesn't make any sense to me. A lot of people really saw it as a tech choice, and we saw it as a gameplay choice.
Because our industry is a technology industry and is very focused on innovation, there's this push to always advance. For us, yeah, we want to advance too, but the camera has nothing to do with that. The camera is a gameplay style, and a vastly unexplored gameplay style, especially with RPGs. It's so under-explored, and it makes for such good gameplay, it's so approachable, it's so eloquent.
From IGN:
Since our time for the interview was limited, we shifted gears into what Diablo III's environments might be like over the course of the story. "I don't think we're going to have anything quite as out there as [Diablo II's] Arcane Sanctuary. I'd say the scale and scope of the game in terms of the threat you end up facing is much, much higher than the previous games. I think if you look at the cinematic trailer there's never really been an invasion of Sanctuary, and I think from the trailer it's obvious that's where we're headed. A lot of what happened in the original Diablo was very small in scope. Even in Diablo II you traveled all over the world, like you're really just facing the aftermath of Diablo walking through the world ... There was a bit of it with Lord of Destruction. Baal's invasion was sizable, but we really want to go more, higher than that. That's about as detailed as I can be without giving away key story elements."
From GameSpy:
GameSpy: There wasn't much content built specifically for PvP in the Diablo games. Fast forward to WoW, and you have lots of PvP-specific content. What approach to PvP are you taking with Diablo III?
Jay Wilson: We'd like there to be a dedicated PvP mode, and we'd like to move away from [how it worked in previous Diablo games] where players just enabled PvP. We don't have any specific plans yet because we haven't really made any active decisions. The only real PvP-oriented decision that we've made and announced is that we do not allow the "hostility mode" that Diablo II had where you can go into town, go hostile, pop back through a town portal, and insta-kill your friend. That just makes people not want to play the game. I know some people say, "Oh, you're taking the teeth out of Diablo." I understand why they feel that way, but making people not want to play together does not make for a better game. That's our feeling.
We definitely want there to be a PvP mode for PvP players, and we would like that mode to be a really serious, skill-based, very strong [aspect of the game]. I feel that on the side of all our games, we really try to make PvP games that cater to a competitive player, first and foremost. We don't try to dumb down or tone down our PvP games. We make [them] good, strong competitive games. StarCraft is one of the best examples. But in terms of what our actual plans are for Diablo III, we don't have anything to specifically announce right now, mostly because we're still messing around with a bunch of different ideas.
Check out the rest of the interviews as the links provided below.

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