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Friday, August 15, 2008

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Diablo III: Appealing To Wide Range Of Gamers, New Visuals
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

MTV Multiplayer's latest Diablo III article once again offers comments from the action RPG's lead designer, Jay Wilson. In this installment the developer answers questions about fan expectations, specifically addressing the difficult task of appealing to both casual players and hardcore Diablo fanatics.

in “Diablo III,” players will have to pick up health orbs after they’ve killed enemies, which will restore their health upon contact. Wilson saw on the forums that people were worried that this might make the game “ridiculously hard.” He said that fans shouldn’t worry.

“That’s only if we tuned it like ‘Diablo II,’” he said. “When the player has similar downsides, it means we can make a lot more interesting monsters. We don’t have to kill you to challenge you. We can make a monster that affects your mobility, we can make a monster that has different kinds of attacks that are dangerous to you and that you actually have to avoid. And so it makes the combat a lot more interesting.”

While Wilson said they’ll keep the game accessible, he knows “Diablo III” has to ultimately appease their hardcore fans. He assured me that the team has kept this in mind, and is making the game progressively harder.

“A lot of the choices we make are styled towards knowing the long term,” he said. “I think that hardcore players, long-term, will find a game that has lot more depth for them but we distinctly made the choice that in the first stage of difficulty, the game’s really easy. So it’s easy to get through, it’s fun to play and you can kind of spam with one skill. But as you get further and further into the game, you start having to go, ‘Okay now I’ve really got to use this ground stomp thing to stun some monsters and get some distance from them to recover.’ That’s something that we focus on more later in the game.”
Blizzard Entertainment has also released two new screenshots, three new pieces of concept art, and a new wallpaper for fans to enjoy.

Visit the sites below to read the rest of Wilson's comments and view the new media offerings.

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Diablo III
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Archives  News  Diablo III: Appealing To Wide Range Of Gamers, New Visuals