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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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Diablo III: Art Controversy, Designer Q&As
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 10 comments

Kotaku and Games Radar recently published new articles focusing on Diablo III, the next chapter in Blizzard's popular action RPG series. Jay Wilson, lead designer for the game, spoke with Kotaku about the ongoing controversy surrounding Diablo III's art design. Games Radar posted a PC Gamer article featuring an analysis of what is currently known about the game as well as short Q&As with Jay Wilson and lead producer Keith Lee.

From Kotaku:

What about the complaint, then, that Diablo III may be "too much like WoW" in style and vibe?

"There's a philosophy that goes across all of our games, and that philosophy stays true from game to game... so it probably draws some comparisons," Wilson said. "One philosophy is that our artists feel like if they're just using photorealism, not creating a unique look for the game, not stylizing so that it's uniquely Blizzard, then they're not doing their jobs."

...The preliminary art we've seen so far, Wilson said, is from early on in the game. "We want to generate the feeling of everything getting worse... it's part of our narrative. It makes the more gloomy part of the game a place where the stakes get higher."

"If you start out at the apocalypse, and then move to more apocalypse, it's not going to have much of an impression on players."
From PC Gamer:
PCG: What do you think Diablo fans will be most excited about in the new game?
Jay Wilson: Our co-op focus is something that we’re really proud of. I think Diablo and Diablo II were always focused on co-op, but they unintentionally did things that harmed the co-op game. We’ve really learned from that and are getting rid of [those things]. How we do loot drops is a big change for us. It used to be in Diablo II that everyone fought over the loot - the Barbs and the Paladins usually managed to win that fight, and we changed that system completely so that essentially whatever drops, drops individually for each player. So, when a monster dies, if you’ve got three people in the game, it can actually drop three different things, one for each person, and then people just see their own drops, so if you see it on the ground, you can pick it up. Overall, not only is it more friendly to cooperative play, it also doesn’t encourage people to fight - it encourages people to work together. What we found is that it actually encourages a lot of trading.

PCG: Any one big thing you wish you’d had the chance to talk about but didn’t?
JW: I wish people had asked a few more story questions, because we’re bringing back a lot of characters from the previous games. The Barbarian has his own story, and it’s actually meant to be the same Barbarian from D2, the same person. A lot of those characters, we’re trying to pull forward and give them a real place in the Diablo universe - a history and a feeling of depth that I don’t think the previous games have done enough justice to. It’s a great universe with the coolest lore, and we really want to make sure this game serves that.
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