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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Blizzard Game Info Roundup
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

SCLegacy has posted a complete list of articles from its coverage of Blizzard Entertainment's recent Worldwide Invitational event in Paris. Articles in the collection include information about the upcoming StarCraft II, the recently released Diablo III, and commentary from Blizzard developers.

From Comprehensive StarCraft II Review:

The backbone of all great Protoss forces, the Zealot, has been reinstated with the upgradeable Charge passive ability. It's a fantastic and necessary component to this classic fighter. The Zealot still does remarkably well against both Zerglings and Marines. The Charge upgrade is a necessity as early as you can get to it. With the Terran's rolling out Marauders, Charge is the only chance Zealots have to be useful. They do better all the way through the game against the biological Zerg.

The Stalkers are one of the more fun units to use. Their Blink ability makes them incredibly useful, especially in the first half of the game. They're a must-have unit as it's the earliest unit that can attack air as well as ground. While they aren't especially hearty, Blink gives them a new lease on life and makes them a dangerous force in groups of four or more. In groups, their focus fire is enough to take out Roaches with ease and their extra mobility makes sneak attacks or harassment an enjoyable addition to the game. Stalkers were present in every game I played or witnessed; they're a worthy addition as a new staple of the early to mid-game Protoss force.

Nullifiers are actually more useful than I had anticipated. Their Anti-Gravity ability was very useful in destroying chokes and taking key enemy units out of commission. While Anti-Gravity removes chokes, Force Field excels at creating them. In many of my games my force fields funneled the Zerg into Psi Storms or Colossi beams - creating the perfect death trap. The Nullfier's attack, while not overly powerful was enough to make them useful even if they didn't have the energy to cast their abilities. It could attack air and ground, which complemented any force and made a nice supplement to the early game Stalker air defense.
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SC Legacy: 2008 WWI Article List
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Diablo III
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