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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Activision Blizzard CFO Discusses Merger
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

MVC has published a new interview with Activision Blizzard CFO Thomas Tippl. In the interview Tippl discusses the merger's impact on the new company including job cuts, autonomy of existing teams, and possible future game projects.

How much autonomy is Blizzard going to retain Ė and is there scope to use Activison and Vivendiís licences within that division?
Blizzard has established the most successful business in all of video games. Itís not like we need to go there and fix something. Blizzard will continue to operate as they have done in the past Ė fairly independently.
They have a top notch management and development team and we have a very high degree of confidence that they know how to run the business and a track record to prove it. In addition, they have an extraordinarily strong product pipeline, with Starcraft, Wrath of the Litch King and Diablo 3.
Itís tremendous, and it would be a big mistake for us to distract them with new ideas. But there are some opportunities we will be exploring, especially relating to their expertise in Asia. If you consider that Guitar Hero is not in Asia yet and that the only way to create a business there is figuring out ways to work in internet cafes, etc., we hope to benefit from their expertise.

Whatís going to be the main effect of the merger on your studio network?
Itís not about the size, but the quality of the developers. If you look at Vivendi Games, Blizzard is top notch, and within their business, thereís some very good development talent there that can complement what we already have. Weíll be going through a portfolio review process and the idea is to come out with a stronger team than each company had on a standalone basis.

Read the full Q&A at the page listed below.

MVC: Activision Blizzard CFO Interview
Activision Blizzard

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Archives  News  Activision Blizzard CFO Discusses Merger