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First Look At Star Wars: The Force Unleashed For iPhone
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Gizmodo has posted a short preview of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, in development at THQ and scheduled to be released for Apple's iPhone in September. The action game features 2D graphics and Force power controls tailored to the iPhone's touch sensitive control system.

Force Unleashed really is a pretty game. Crystal clear 2D backdrops give the levels a lot of pizzazz despite that they are, you know, 2D. And lightsabers glow properly on the screen.

But where we'd hoped to run around and slice our foes with laser swords, the mechanics never gave us a chance. Much like the classic PC series Rebel Assault, you don't actually move your character through rooms. Instead, you reflect your foes' laser shots with properly timed/angled swipes of the finger and activating force powers (like throwing baddies or electrocuting them) by drawing out symbols on the screen.

As lame as this may sound on paper, the battles can grow enjoyably hectic as you block fire and toss your enemies aside. And it's all promised to be backed by the same soundtrack we'll hear in the Xbox/PS3 versions of the Force Unleashed (we just heard placeholder music during our hands-on).

To read more head over to the page linked below.

Gizmodo: iPhone, Meet The Force Unleashed
THQ (add to watch list)


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