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Thursday, December 14, 2000

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Dragon's Lair 3D Q&A
10:38 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new interview at 3D Action Planet with Steven Parsons of Dragonstone discusses the upcoming remake of the arcade classicDragon's Lair, known as Dragon's Lair 3D. The Q&A asks many great questions about the game, which will be using a real-time 3D engine. The classic cartoon-ish look has been preserved, so old-school Dragon's Lair fans shouldn't be too disappointed. Here's a clip about the graphics in the game:

3DActionPlanet: I've noticed from the screenshots and what I saw of the game in action that you're going for a "cartoony" look, just like the original cell animations. Doesn't that sort of conflict with the whole idea of bringing the game into 3D with modern technology?

Steven Parsons: The original Dragon's Lair is unique in that it used high quality animation that had a more realistic feel to it. To keep the Dragon's Lair 3D game true to the original, we felt that we needed to keep the cartoon look and feel in a true 3D environment. One way in which we're capturing that look and feel is by making Dirk the Daring and the cast of Dragon's Lair 3D as full 3D polygonal characters, and making them look cartoonish by applying "toon shading". 

Another method we've used to capture that look and feel is to use a lot of color highlights in lighting the environment, duplicating the same lighting used in the original Dragon's Lair. The differences are that we are using some 2D techniques to improve the look and feel of the 3D environment. Our goal is to give the player the immediate familiarity with the Dragon's Lair environment that they remember, while at the same time offering fantastic new gameplay challenges and yet more enjoyment!

The stark contrast of the cartoony Dirk with the beautiful colored lighting effects of the realistic 3D engine make this game truely unique.

Those who played the old game may remember it wasn't like an FPS today where you had complete control over the character. To keep both new FPS'ers and fans of the old style happy, there are three different control modes for the game. Here are more details:

1. Easy. This will allow the player to select one of five movements when the game reaches a decision point, just like the original 2D Dragon's Lair. A scripted sequence will play according to the selection made, either allowing Dirk to continue or resulting in his demise!

2. Medium. This level is the third-person, "full user control" approach to Dragon's Lair 3D. The player will control all of Dirk's movements.

3. Unfair. This level is the same as the Medium level, with the exception that we are making this mode extremely difficult and generally unfair! This level is for those who want a true challenge.

This should be a fun change of pace from the standard shooter fare. We hope to see Dragon's Lair 3D sometime next year, as it should be released for both Mac and PC at the same time.

3D Action Planet Dragon's Lair 3D Q&A
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