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Thursday, July 3, 2008

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Myst Online Returns From The Grave Once More
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

The troubled saga of Cyan World's Myst Online begins a new chapter with the company's successful negotiations with GameTap to regain control of the rights to the unique online world. Cyan will turn the lights back on for the MMO puzzle title, introducing the option for players to contribute directly to the game.

Cyan President Rand Miller said Monday the deal with the game's publisher, GameTap (owned by Turner Entertainment) will allow Cyan to once again turn on the game and allow fans to interact and even create new content for Myst Online.

Miller said the new plan is for the game's fans to have that freedom to create new environments and new content.

He added it's uncertain if the revival will lead to a longterm commitment by Cyan to continue developing the game. The regaining of the rights is a step in that direction, but Miller said it's unclear where the experiment in shared, user-created content will lead.

Miller said Cyan did not pay anything to regain the publishing rights. But at some point, if a commercially successful revival comes about, the two companies have an agreement on how each will be compensated, he added.

"They realize that unless something happened (to revive Myst Online), it wasn’t going to live. And if it didn't live, no one would ever get anything out of it."
Currently Cyan is planning to charge a fee of $25 for six months of play time in the revived version of Myst Online to cover the costs of installing new servers. Follow the links below for more information.

TXT: GameTap Gives Myst Online Back To Cyan

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Archives  News  Myst Online Returns From The Grave Once More