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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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Ron Gilbert Discusses DeathSpank & Episodic Gaming
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamasutra has posted a lengthy new interview with game designer Ron Gilbert. The veteran designer discussed a wide variety of topics including his work as creative director for HotHead Games, the success of Penny Arcade Adventures, the future of episodic gaming, and the upcoming DeathSpank.

So as far as your project goes, do you want to just give a run-down on what that's all about?
RG: Sure, sure. DeathSpank is an episodic RPG that's been described as a combination of Monkey Island-style storytelling and adventure, kind of melded with a very light Diablo-style RPG gameplay.
DeathSpank is a kind of over-enthusiastic hero that often does more damage than he does good, when he comes in to help people out with things. And, as his name suggests, the game's really a satirical look at gaming's heroes, and how seriously games tend to take them. I just really wanted to poke fun at that kind of stuff with him.
How contiguous are the episodes going to be, from release to release? Is it one overarching story, or will the episodes be more independent?
RG: Each of the episodes is very independent. There is some larger story context going on, but the story episodes are very short little completely self-contained stories.
They're really meant to be played in any order - you could play number five, and then play number one, and then play number four - so the order you play them is really kind of irrelevant.

What led to the Diablo influence?
RG: Well I think it's because, mostly, I love Diablo. I've played lots, and it's been a style of game that I've really liked. And it's kind of strange, because I really have not found a game since Diablo that I really have liked playing; you know, that kind of action RPG stuff. They did so many things so well with that game, and I think a lot of people have come along and tried to imitate them, and I think they've really missed the core of what was fun about that stuff.

The full Q&A is available at the page linked below.

Gamasutra: Spanking Death, Ron Gilbert Goes Episodic
Hothead Games

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Archives  News  Ron Gilbert Discusses DeathSpank & Episodic Gaming