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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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Spore Hands-On Preview
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments

Joystiq has published a new hands-on preview of Will Wright's upcoming god sim, Spore, based on information gleaned from a recent EA press event. The game will allow players to take single celled organisms from the primordial ooze to the lofty reaches of outer space, tinkering with the evolution of the creatures at every stage.

After selecting a building and selecting a creature (we were sort of hopping through stages of the game helpfully rendered on your own timeline if you so choose) I was in the tribal stage, gathering items, making babies, and generally growing my village. I tried making friends with the neighboring village another type of creature loaded from the Sporepedia at the beginning of the level and after some effort including playing music, we were ... well, not friends. Let's just say we could tolerate each other.

Eager to round out my tribal experience, I tried hunting. My first prey: A giant, one-eyed creature who, perhaps unsurprisingly, became rather irate when attacked. Will informed me that I had virtually no chance of defeating a creature of that size right now so, I ran. I didn't run away necessarily, simply towards another foe ... which took me awhile to find. As it turned out, every potential meal was either too large or too aggressive for me to attack. Will guided me around a bit and was himself shocked that not only were there not enough animals (really, I had to hunt) but they weren't balanced very well. Of course, Spore's still in beta. He filed a mental note.
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Joystiq: Spore Hands-On Preview
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