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Friday, June 20, 2008

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Apple Games Features The Spore Creature Creator
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Apple Games' latest game feature turns the microscope on the recently released Spore Creature Creator. Showcasing the creature creation tools from Will Wright's upcoming Spore god sim, the game allows users to craft their own unique creation using a variety of parts and tools. Apple's article provides an overview of the Creator's functions.

The Sporepedia allows you to view all of the creatures shared by other players, as well as read comments left about your aliens. Double-click a creature to view it up close, rotate it, and see what it can do. You can watch it let loose with a mating call, unleash a vicious attack, dance, and more.

To see what any of your aliens are capable of, load one and click Test Drive. Tell it to roar and do a flip, or move and groove to a beat. Instruct your creature to flex its muscles and give a “come hither” look, or show its light-hearted side with a laugh. You can even drop it into one of three planetary backgrounds and spawn up to three babies that will mimic its actions.

SPORE presents a shared universe where you can visit alien civilizations developed by other players, and the Creature Creator includes similar functionality. Snap pictures and shoot video of your favorite creations and share them with other members of the SPORE community or upload your films directly to YouTube. With one click, you can even create an animated avatar of your creature and use it in your message board signature.
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