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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Colin McRae Rally Mac Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

The Apple Blog recently posted a new review of Colin McRae Rally Mac. The game features over 30 cars, more than 300 stages, nine different international locations, and realistic physics and car handling. The Apple Blog recommended the game for its realism in gameplay and graphics.

From the review:

The remarkable graphics of the game come in to play with those dirt roads. The trees, rocks, and fences you pass by are really well detailed, and the dust kicks up in clouds. Winter and rain driving reveals impressive weather effects (you can customize the weather when you play, and choose to play in rain or snow). If you can’t keep your car on the road for whatever reason, be careful about colliding with anything, as I discovered that damage does affect the performance of your car (like a real car would), and it accumulates when you’re playing in a campaign mode (you have to pay to have that damage repaired). The damage on the car visually matches the damage icon in the lower left, though I noticed in one case that my completely trashed Ford Focus, with chassis exposed, still had pristine-looking headlights and tail lights. Not a huge glitch, as the rest of the car and game have been fairly flawless.
Performance and System Requirements

My PowerMac G5 (Dual Proc, 1.8 GHz, 128 VRAM) looked fairly good on the minimum settings (it gave me “unsupported” warnings, but still worked), though later trying it on a MacBook Pro Core Duo 2.1 GHz with 128 MB of VRAM was even more impressive. Sadly, the game won’t even run on machines with the Intel GMA integrated graphics chips. That leaves out the low-end Macs, like the MacBook and Mac mini. Whatever machine you use, you’ll want to allocate 4 GB in your Applications folder for the game’s files.
The full review is available from the link below.

The Apple Blog: Colin McRae Rally Review
Feral Interactive
Colin McRae Rally

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