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Friday, June 6, 2008

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Escape The Museum Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

About This Particular Macintosh has published a new review of Gogii Games' hidden object puzzle title, Escape The Museum. In the game players take the role of museum employee Susan as she hunts for a variety of objects to aid her quest to find her missing daughter and escape the earthquake damaged building. ATPM gave the game a rating of Good.

From the review:

The typical hidden object game involves some contrived story. In Escape the Museum, you play the role of Susan, a museum employee who brought her daughter Caitlin to work. An earthquake happened and the two got separated. Susan must work her way through various damaged parts of the museum to reunite with her daughter. Along the way you get some help from other museum staff members and some in the city outside. Your progress is slowed down by requests to salvage certain pieces from the museum’s collection, which, surprise surprise, involves looking for hidden objects. It sounds like you are supposed to look for “valuables,” but in reality the items to be found are mundane things like a sub (sandwich) or a roll of carnival tickets. I told you the genre involves contrivance. By the way, you should realize by now that the game has nothing to do with the Hollywood movie Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller.

Unlike the typical hidden objects game, in Escape the Museum you are not constrained by time. Move the mouse at your leisure to every pixel on the screen. Be careful not to click unless you are sure, as you are rated by accuracy. With the first object found, your accuracy is 100%. As you make mistakes, your accuracy drops. My able assistant, seven-year-old Justin, is good at not clicking like crazy; but I am not sure if other, perhaps younger, players can be as patient. Still, it seems that as long as you eventually find all objects you do not have to re-visit the room.
Read the entire review at the link provided below.

ATPM: Escape The Museum Review
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