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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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Depths Of Peril Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Games Radar recently published a new review of Soldak Entertainment's single player RPG, Depths of Peril. In the game players take the role of a faction leader protecting the barbarian city, Jorvik. To succeed they must complete quests while competing with rival factions to determine who will rule the city. Games Radar gave the game a score of 8 out of 10.

From the review:

Depths of Peril does exactly what you want from a Diablo clone, and then does a whole lot more as well. The basics will be familiar to any of the compulsive magic-sword collectors in the audience: choosing one of four character types, with a village as a base, you head forth into the randomly generated wilderness to fight monsters and take their stuff. All the genre basics are as solidly implemented as any of the more mainstream clones. Uniques, special monsters, special sets, inter-species warfare, henchpeople adventuring with you - it lacks flair here, but remains absolutely rock solid.

And then, when it has already given you a perfectly acceptable indie-RPG-slasher, Depths goes and makes it a proverbial living world. In the game you’re the head of an adventuring group called a Covenant. There are up to five more in town, each of whom is active in the game world. When you’re off turning orcs into experience-point puree, you can see their adventurers off doing their thing too. They’ll even try to complete the quests given out by the NPCs in the town before you. All the Covenants are in competition to see who can become the ruling power in the village, and the prestige that comes from completing these quests is useful capital with which to do so. Failing that, you can just storm the opposing headquarters for full-on war.

Oh, and those quests? They’re generated by the world too, and the Covenants’ successes and failures feed back into them. A monstrous hero arises in the wasteland. There’s a quest to kill him. If no one does, he may gather a band of monsters to him. And then he leads to an uprising, leading to more baddies in the area. If left untouched for long enough, they’re going to storm the village. NPCs can be captured and kidnapped - generating more quests and... well, it’s Diablo meets STALKER - and that’s a STALKER that’s far more alive than GSC’s world ended up being. If you win, you can generate a whole new world for your tougher party to have a crack at.
The full version of Depths of Peril for Mac should be released soon. A demo of the game is already available.

Follow the links below for the rest of the review and more information about the game.

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