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Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Q&A
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Stars and Stripes recently posted a new interview with id Software's Kevin Cloud and Splash Damage's Edward Stern. Cloud and Stern discussed the design decisions that went into Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and offered their own personal favorite Human and Strogg weapons.

Q: "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars" is set in the relatively near future. Why the switch from the last few Quakes?
KC: "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars" tells the story of the initial invasion of Earth in 2065. Later in the "Quake" series, through years of combat with the alien Strogg, humans develop advanced technology like plasma energy weapons. But in 2065, the Earth Defense Force is equipped with advanced versions of current day weaponry.
We chose this time to give players choices between two very different armies. The level of variety, with rail guns against sniper rifles and mechanized walkers against tanks with their own strengths and weaknesses gives players more weapons to have fun with and more game play depth and strategy to explore.

ES: We love "Quake." We grew up playing "Quake." We got our start in the industry as a mod team working with the "Quake III" engine. We wanted to know and show what had happened back on Earth before you got to strike back at the Strogg in "Quake II" and "Quake IV." So thatís why "ETQW" is really a prequel to the previous games. This meant we got to reverse-engineer the classic "Quake" weapons, so you get to use their ancestor prototypes: if youíre familiar with the rail gun, hyperblaster and rocket launcher, youíll see what we mean.

The full article is available at the link provided below.

Stars and Stripes: ETQW Interview
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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
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