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Monday, April 28, 2008

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2008 WoW Arena Tournament Beginner's Guide
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzplanet has created a Beginner's Guide to Blizzard's 2008 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament. The event allows players to compete for prizes and prestige against other WoW players from around the globe. Blizzplanet's guide gives an overview of what gamers can expect from the tournament setting.

Are you still undecided whether to spend $20 on the registration fee, because you don't know what you will find on the other side of the fence once you are in the Arena Tournament? Or do you fear it is unbalanced and have no chance at winning? I sincerely think you must read this article and give yourself a chance to win this tournament because in the few days I have been talking with Arena players the feedback has been, in a nutshell, they love how Blizzard has balanced this tournament. Skill is the main factor that decides who wins. Everyone has more or less the same gear.

Once you register with a $20 registration fee, your account will become flagged to join the Arena Tournament Realm List. You will find out by login into World of Warcraft, at the Character List. Click the CHANGE REALM button. You will see the typical realm list. At the bottom you will find three tabs titled as: United States, Oceania, and Arena Tournament. After choosing the Arena Tournament tab you are welcomed with the character list ... but surprise, your random character is level 70 and it is already geared up with the Merciless Gladiator Set ... ready to rumble. Choose the faction, race, and class you wish to play with. You are almost ready to go.
Click on the link below to read the rest of the guide.

Blizzplanet: WoW 2008 Arena Tournament Guide
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Archives  News  2008 WoW Arena Tournament Beginner's Guide