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Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Deliver2Mac Adds Blitzkrieg
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Virtual Programming's digital download service, Deliver2Mac, recently added Blitzkrieg to its list of downloadable titles. The World War II real time strategy title allows players to control a variety of units, weapons, and vehicles in campaigns spanning more than 80 missions.

Blitzkrieg is the fine art of strategy, but with much more finesse! Dissect your enemy with surgical precision, halt the enemy's advance with strategic tank and air assaults, and maintain your offensive momentum. You can prove your tactical skills by triumphing in various historical campaigns during World War II.

Command more effectively over the course of the war. Progress through the game is rewarded through access to the latest warfare technology, so strategic guile is recommended. Accept the challenge and launch your assault, remembering that

Attack is the best form of defense!

Thrilling real time strategy game set during World War II
Soviet, German and western Allied campaigns with more than 80 missions
More than 200 3D vehicles with realistic weapon and armor data
Large units such as trains and coastal artillery
3D landscapes extend tactical possibilities
Armies can be extended and improved through promotions and special missions
Multiplayer game via LAN
Vehicle database
Historically accurate battles in Africa, Russia and Europe
Large operations involving hundreds of Soviet, German and western Allied units
More than 40 kinds of infantry with specialized weapons
More than 250 types of buildings and objects
Units move realistically
All landscape objects are destructible
Numerous videos from World War II provide for a thoroughly absorbing atmosphere
Enemy equipment can be stolen and used
Ability to build bridges, dig trenches, lay mines and call for air support (fighters, bombers, low level fighters, reconnaissance, paratroopers)

MacOS 10.4
G4/G5 or MacIntel with 860 Mhz
256 MB RAM
32 MB video RAM (GMA 950 supported)
2.6 GB hard drive space
DVD drive
Internet access

Blitzkrieg costs $39.95 from Deliver2Mac.

Deliver2Mac: Blitzkrieg

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