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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Milliways: Infocom's Unreleased Sequel To Hitchhiker's Guide
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 10 comments

Waxy.org has posted an article examining Milliways, Infocom's unreleased text adventure sequel to the game adaptation of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Using information gleaned from an Infocom hard drive, journalist Andy Baio follows the game's short lived journey through the turbulent waters of the failing company. The article also offers some of the ideas considered for the game.

Written and designed by two legends in their respective fields, game designer Steve Meretzky and sci-fi author Douglas Adams, the first Hitchhiker's Guide game was a tremendous success upon its release in November 1984. It quickly became Infocom's bestselling game, selling over a quarter million copies in the two years after its release. (It ultimately became Infocom's second-biggest seller of all time under Zork.)

Even before they'd finished writing the Hitchhiker's game, Meretzky and Adams were considering two sequels based on the second and third books of the trilogy. In an email to Meretzky, Douglas Adams wrote down some notes from a design meeting, including a list of "some rooms we discussed (some might be kept for future games, which would be blatantly advertised at every opportunity)." The first three places on the list, "Milliways (need reservation to get in), Norway, Krikkit (placed off limits for protection of the galaxy, until you buy Game #3)."

A sequel seemed like such a sure thing, they mentioned it in the game's ending. In the final scene, the Heart of Gold sets down on Magrathea and you exit the ship. "Slowly, nervously, you step downwards, the cold thin air rasping in your lungs. You set one single foot on the ancient dust and almost instantly the most incredible adventure starts which you'll have to buy the next game to find out about."

Three huge problems plagued Milliways from its start in 1985 until it was shelved in 1989: no solid game design, nobody to program it, and the backdrop of Infocom's larger economic problems.
Head over to the link below to read the full article.

Milliways: The Hitchhiker's Guide Sequel That Never Was

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