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Monday, April 21, 2008

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id Software's Kevin Cloud Discusses id Tech 5, Quake Wars
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

ShackNews recently posted a new interview with id Softare's Kevin Cloud. The developer spoke about the development of Quake Wars, creating an all-in-one objective-oriented experience, and the progress of the company's id Tech 5 game engine.

Shack: Recent years have seen the release of several team-oriented first-person shooters. What sets Quake Wars apart from the competition?
Kevin Cloud: Keep in mind that in terms of this type of gameplay, the origins of it is Return to Castle Wolfenstein's multiplayer, which Nerve and I worked together on, and that introduced the character class system and the objective-based system. That has evolved through Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, which was played by millions of people and still has a good following, and has been refined for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.
The classes have a real meaningful role to play in the game--they're not just equipment load-outs. When you're playing a medic, you're definitely doing the job of a medic. There are things for players to explore and learn about a class in terms of feeling the class out, but once they know them it really makes a difference in how they approach the game. That doesn't really exist in a lot of the other games where, really, the only difference is in what weapon you're carrying.

Shack: Can you give us an update on id Tech 5's development?
Kevin Cloud: Things are moving along great. We're currently preparing it for licensors to take a look at it, and it's in a good position. The SDKs have to be put together obviously can't just put together the code and have them figure it out. There's work done on that level.
I don't want to step outside of my range and discuss things that some people are better suited to answer, but right now with the type of technology solution we've developed for id Tech 5--for one thing, it's a great cross-platform solution because texture streaming solutions just allows you to create one set of content.
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Archives  News  id Software's Kevin Cloud Discusses id Tech 5, Quake Wars