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Monday, December 11, 2000
Westlake to Revamp Space Rogue?
2:33 PM | Matt Diamond | Comment on this story

Subscribers to the Apple Mag Games "devlist" noted the following post by Mark Adams. The president of Westlake Interactive, Mark has in the past indicated a desire to bring some older games that didn't make the leap from the 680x days to PPC. These games fail to work on current Macs primarily because 2-bit (black and white) and 4-bit (16-color) graphics modes were discontinued, but there are also System software and input issues.

Mark expressed an interest in porting Space Rogue, a classic Mac game from the 512k (Fat) Mac days. Here is his post:

Speaking of Space Rogue, I'm working on an updated version that will work
on latest OS'es & Mac's, to hopefully be released as freeware. I might
even make it Carbon, which I think would be the first OS X native Apple
II game ever :) Maybe I'd get it in the keynote :)
Space Rogue was a classic b/w game that ran on Mac
Plus series; the storyline portion was a top-down game like Ultima III. The
game also included some simple space combat using 3D wireframe graphics.
It's an early, classic title in a genre that includes popular titles like
Tie Fighter, Terminus, and Freespace.

There may of course be copyright issues involved in such a port, but we'll see how it turns out. Keep watching for more details.

Westlake Interactive

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