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Friday, April 11, 2008

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Reynir Harđarson Discusses EVE Online
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently posted a new interview with CCP Games' Reynir Harđarson. The interview touched on a variety of topics including work with White Wolf on the World of Darkness MMO, the success of EVE Online, and upcoming additions to the online sci-fi game.

RPS: And you think MMOs need to consider themselves to be more like Facebook?
They are more like Facebook, or should be. They share the same technology, and they have to be considered as a social technology if the genuinely massively multiplayer gameplay is going to emerge. People interacting is all that matters here. We are going to stick to this vision with our games. It was what we believe in some form back in 1997 when we formed the company, and I think we demonstrated it with Eve. It really works. People like Eve and play it. They kept playing it. Twenty five percent of people who bought the game on day one are still playing it now [That number includes me – Jim] and I think that is because of how the game is structured.

RPS: Is there more to do with Eve?
Absolutely. Yes, we will continue to build on top of Eve, just as we have always done. This is how we think about massively multiplayer games: we don’t think they have a lifespan. If you run them correctly, keep updating the technology, keep it fresh, there’s no limit to how old it is. There’s no “product” with “shelf life” it’s a system, an experience, that you log into and play with. I find it strange that with so many games that they create it, launch it, perhaps create a couple of expansions and then work on the sequel. These games do not grow. We don’t want to think of it that way, we want to keep evolving. With Eve there’s no indication of “shelf life”, I don’t see why it couldn’t run for fifty years. We put a lot of development into Eve and we’ve overhauled the 3D engine, included all new ship models, and that process will continue. In June we’re going to add more… factional warfare.
The full Q&A is available at the link provided below.

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Archives  News  Reynir Harđarson Discusses EVE Online