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Monday, December 11, 2000
MacDeusEx updates
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MacDeusEx, a member of the Inside Mac Games network, has been busy converting numerous maps and mods to work with the Macintosh version of Deus Ex. "ISP Office" is the latest map to be made available, here is some more information from MacDeusEx webmaster Robert Baird:

    ISP Office (Internet Service Provider) is a small map created by "Your

    Superior". It features a very nice and cozy reception area, computer

    workstations, a break room, and... a server room!

The "Experimental Weapons" mod was recently converted to work on the Macintosh side also. This mod allows the use of 3 new weapons including "Stun Grenades" and "Poison Throwing Knives". On a lighter note, the "Toilet Mod" was also recently ported . This mod allows NPCs (non playing characters) to actually sit on the toilets inside Deus Ex!

MacDeusEx would also like to remind everyone of the upcoming Q&A session with Warren Spector later today. Warren Spector, a developer and board member of Ion Storm, will be chatting about the gaming industry and what the future holds. The chat will be hosted by on a "Palace" server, so make sure you have the client installed before you attempt to join. Q&A with Warren Spector

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