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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Apple Games Features Bubble Bash
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games has released a new feature article, this one focusing on Bubble Bash for Apple's iPod multimedia device. The game features Bust-a-Move style bubble bashing with with 100 levels, several types of challenges, and a variety of power ups. The article includes an overview of the game's features as well as a tips and tricks for bubble busting mastery.

Some levels in Arcade mode also feature special items, along with clothing, that you collect by bursting gift bubbles, one of 16 types of power-up bubbles in the game. Grab all of the special items and unlock extra levels in More Fun! mode. For a change of pace during your stay on the island, try Crab Fever mode, which challenges you to burst as many bubbles as you can in a game that ends only when you fail; there are no balloons or platforms, but a new row of bubbles appears at the stop of the screen every few seconds.

The game keeps track of your statistics in Arcade and Crab Fever modes, along with your progress collecting all 30 items. You can also change Kale and Malia’s outfits, or their crab helper’s shell, any time, assuming you’ve found new ones during your Arcade mode journey.

As you travel across Bubble Island, you’ll find increasingly difficult challenges. In East Quay, a tourist named Richard will ask you to get rid of a parrot that has been bothering him. Reaching that boss and defeating it won’t be easy, so strengthen those bubble-bursting muscles and get ready.
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Apple Games: Bubble Bash

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