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Thursday, March 6, 2008
A First Look At Freeverse's iPhone Games
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

In anticipation of Apple's opening the iPhone and iPod Touch to developers, Freeverse has unveiled a new webpage on its site. The page gives a glimpse of some of the game ideas the company is hoping to develop for the handheld devices. Flick Sports will take advantage of the phone's unique flick/pinch feature to offer new takes on sports like Golf, Bowling, Soccer, and Baseball. Flick Sports: Moto Racing will utilize the tilt sensor to allow players to steer by turning the iPhone.

Here at Freeverse, we’ve always loved Apple technologies and have had a blast incorporating them into our games wherever possible… from Apple Speech Recognition in Hearts Deluxe way back in 1994, to iChat integration in the more recent Big Bang Board Games.

Now, Apple is opening up the iPhone and iPod Touch to developers and we are beyond excited!

Everyone at Freeverse is in love with their iPhones, and we’ve got some terrific ideas for new games and applications. Some ideas we’re keeping under wraps for a while, but a few we really just couldn’t wait to share.

While we await the official SDK from Apple, here is some of the screen-mock and prototype work we’ve been doing:

Flick Sports™
Using the iPhone’s unique flick/pinch feature, we’re working on Golf, Bowling, Soccer, and Baseball (to start). Fun, colorful and quick, these will be ideal games for a modern mobile platform.

Flick Sports: Moto Racing
Ah, the wind in your hair, the bugs in your teeth and the open road stretching out in front of you! Using the iPhone’s cool accelerometer, (you know, that doohickey that knows when your iPhone is sideways or not), you can steer your motorcycle to victory in this wild racing game. Awesome characters and a touch of humor, its a Freeverse game after all, will add to the fun.

Click over to the site below to check out Freeverse's plans.

Freeverse iPhone Games First Peek

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Archives  News  A First Look At Freeverse's iPhone Games