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Friday, December 8, 2000
Game Reviews Galore at IMG
5:24 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

For those of you who just visit IMG's news page, we have published four game reviews this past week.

Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord, by Big Time Software, is a strategy/war game that simulates post D-Day battles. The graphics may seem outdated, but the challenging gameplay more than makes up for it. The game strikes an interesting balance between the real-time and turn-based strategy genre:

So Big Time has successfully challenged the idea of "I go, you go" games with a "we go" methodology. Each turn consists of 60 seconds of battle. Before the each turn, both forces have to issue orders for their troops. This is accomplished by hold-clicking on each friendly unit (or by selecting many units at a time with a bounding rectangle) and selecting from a contextual "drop-down" menu of commands ranging from run, crawl, target [an enemy], and hide for those on foot to a specialized "hunt" for mechanized weaponry.
Next up is MacSoft's Bingo, Bingo, Bingo; a, get ready for this, Bingo game. The single player aspect is standard fare, but the multiplayer mode is unique. If you happen to have your Bingo buddies over, the game actually prints out Bingo cards for everyone, which it keeps track of. Although, the game didn't garner high marks, the hardcore Bingo fan may see it in a different light.

Beach Head 2000, also published by MacSoft, is an arcade game which places you on a shore that is about to be invaded by hordes of enemy soldiers and vehicles. Your job is to stop the enemy from overtaking the beach. Unfortunately, the game is very repetiive and may be a bit too violent for younger children.

Finally, we take a look at Gathering of Developer's off-road racing game, 4x4 Evolution. This is the first driving simulation we have seen on the Macintosh for a while, and with it's stunning visuals and fun gameplay, it looks to be a winner. In 4x4 Evo, you can take nearly any SUV or truck that can be purchased today, for a drive. In the single player, the bots seem unbeatable, but the multiplayer is where the meat is:

4x4 uses GameSpy for chat and game hosting/finding, specially ported to the Mac OS just for this title. The interface is awful, plain and simple, but it is usable and relatively fast. Finding a game and joining should be very easy to anyone who has used Q3A or UTís in-game browsers.

Overall, the game is very playable over a 56k modem TCP/IP connection. Lag is definitely a problem, as it is with all online games, and if you experience a major packet loss you will "teleport" forwards or backwards on the course. But this is by far the most playable game over a slow connection that I have tried. Racers were easy to find all hours of the day.

4x4 Evolution is also one of the first games to support the MacOS X Public Beta.

For those of you who would like to give your own mini-review, IMG's news system now supports reader reviews.

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