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Friday, December 8, 2000
The Gift of Freeverse
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Shareware authors Freeverse Software have put together an excellent low-cost way to introduce yourself or a friend to their extensive lists of card games, strategy games, puzzles and "toys." The collection of demos (and one registered game) ships on CD-ROM, a handy catalog of Freeverse offerings. Here is the press release:

Stumped for stocking stuffers?

Perplexed by present possibilities?

Guilty over gift giving?

(Annoyed by alliteration)?

Well, Freeverse has the answer for you! Give our new Sampler CD to your Mom,
your Nephew, your Sister or your Boss for only $9.95. Here's what they'll

A fully registered version of ENIGMA, the mastermind code-breaking game.
"Anyone who enjoys a good puzzle but doesn't mind taking a bit of a blow to
the ego will love the sarcastic humor and mind-numbing challenge of this
excellent game." ZDnet.

Freeverse Toys including JARED: Butcher of Song, JARED's Christmas,
SimStapler and more.

Playable demos of all of our other great Mac games including:

Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab

3D Hearts Deluxe

3D Spades Deluxe

3D Euchre Deluxe

3D Setback/Pitch

3D Bridge Deluxe

Classic Cribbage

Classic Gin Rummy



Burning Monkey Solitaire II


Reversi: The Eclipse


X-Words Deluxe

All handsomely packaged in a slimline case. We'll even gift-wrap it and ship
it Priority Mail for free! Head on over to http:/www.freeverse.com to take
advantage of this incredible deal, (and to cross a few more names off that
holiday shopping list).

Did we mention TONS of fun games, the attractive case, the FREE gift
wrapping and FREE Priority Mail for under TEN BUCKS!!! So make your Mac
friends glad and give the gift of gorgeous games, (or we'll keep up this
annoying alliteration thing).

That sounds like a threat to us. Stuff your friend's stockings with Freeverse this year, and give the gift of Mac gaming! Visit the Freeverse web site for more details, and to order.

Freeverse Software

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