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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Apple Games Features OOTP Baseball 8
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Apple Games latest feature takes a swing at Out of the Park Baseball 8, the latest incarnation in the sports series. The article includes a sample game season showcasing the game's features, a list of what's new in the latest version, and a rundown of historical seasons players might want to try.

Out of the Park Baseball 8 allows you to easily import leagues from OOTP 2007, 2006, and version 6. The enhancements made to OOTP 2007 are still found in version 8, including a one-stop-shop portal that aggregates quick links to the most important functions. The game’s FaceGen technology allows you to see pictures of your players — you can use the generic ones that come with the game, or download packs of files from the Internet. The best source for that data is PadresFan’s OOTP Baseball Mod Website, which also hosts photos of stadiums, team logos, and more.

While managing a game, you’ll notice FaceGen is also used to portray your players at their positions on the field, as well as show you the current pitcher and batter. OOTP 8 includes an optional warm-up feature that requires your relievers to start throwing pitches in the bullpen before you bring them into the game, as managers must do in real life. In addition, the play-by-play description of the game has been improved, and you can now play journalist and write your own recaps after the contest ends.

Behind the scenes, OOTP 8 sports improved artificial intelligence, including new trading options that allow you to better negotiate deals with computer-controlled managers. AI managers are also more adept at running their teams in general, especially during games. In addition, the game does a better job of simulating players’ careers as you progress through the decades, with an option to import all of baseball history up to the season where you want to start playing.
Check out the full feature article at the link below.

Apple Games: OOTP Baseball 8
Out of the Park Baseball 8

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