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Friday, December 8, 2000
Master of Orion III Interview
1:33 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Although a Mac OS version of this title is still not confirmed, the creators of Master of Orion III have stated both on and off-the-record that they have a definite desire to make one. For those who were fans of the original MOO titles (which also had Mac OS versions), Gamecenter Alliance partner Quarter to Three has produced an in-depth interview with Alan Emrich, one of the designers creating this sequel.

The interview expects you to be familiar with the original titles, but contains a wealth of information about the game. Here is Alan's summary of what MOO3 is all about:

What kind of game is MOO3?

MOO3 is a game for builders; it’s also a game for diplomats. Politicians will also love MOO3. Sociologists will find it fascinating, as will Political Scientists and even Economists. It will help to be a cunning spymaster as well as an able Fleet Admiral. Engineers and scientists will continue to enjoy the Master of Orion series in this game. All of those careers are important to a civilization. MOO3 is designed to be a many-faceted gem, and we’re trying to make sure that each gets to shine. And at the heart of this gem is the story of the Orion star cluster, that begins with a mystery, unleashes a renaissance, and ends with… well, there are several possible endings…

Read more of this extensive interview for details on the amazing depth and complexity of this solo and multiplayer title. We'll keep quizzing Interplay about the possibility of a Mac OS version; obviously the recent rebirth of MacPlay and the fact that several Interplay titles are already on the way (including Giants: Citizen Kabuto) increases our odds of playing this title in the future.

Master of Orion III
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Master of Orion III
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