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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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Penumbra: Black Plague Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

GameZone has posted a review of the Windows version ofFrictional Games' Penumbra: Black Plague, the sequel to Overture. The final chapter in the Penumbra story will thrust players into a creepy environment of horror where they must solve puzzles to survive. GameZone gave the game a score of 7.6 out of 10.

From the review:

There are monsters/mutations running about and you will have a cursor that changes from an eye to a hand when there are things to do in a given location – that is the part that has been tread before. But what this game does, and does remarkably well, is make the world seem more alive by asking you to do what you really would in a living, breathing space. The physics are solid and make sense. You get that aforementioned hand icon, but (for example) to open a desk drawer, you don’t just click on it, you click, hold and pull with the mouse. That will open the drawer. If something round is inside, it will roll around and you may have to position yourself better to reach in and grab it.

A letter from father to son (Phillip) leads the son into a deep and darkly dangerous mystery in an underground complex crawling with an ambience that would make H.P. Lovecraft proud. But even though this is the essence of the game, all that seems to be missing when the game opens with a typed message from Phillip to the game player. It seems he is appealing to the gamer for help, but what that translates to is help in working through the puzzles and mysteries from a first-person perspective.

Ok, the opening narrative is handled rather poorly, with the writing not all that strong. And then you find yourself in a room, with a locked door, but the admonition that you need to get out and soon. What has any of this to do with the appeal for help? For the answer to that, you have to move into the game a little further and uncover some of the mysteries therein; what seems confusing does clarify, but only after you get about a third of the way in. Not that you will totally mind – the game does start off with a series of puzzles that will have you involved in the game mechanics long before you start to piece together the nuances of the story.
Check out the full review at the link provided below.

GameZone: Penumbra Black Plague Review
Frictional Games

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