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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Apple Games Features Naval Battle: Mission Commander
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A new feature article is now available from Apple Games, offering an examination of Naval Battle: Mission Commander. The game updates the familiar Battleship concept with five game modes, an 18 mission campaign mode, and a variety of ships and special weapons. The article includes a review of the game's features and a history of the Battleship concept.

Naval Battle: Mission Commander takes the classic board game Battleship to a new level, placing you in the role of an American, Scottish, Russian, or German skipper with eight different ships under your control as you take on a computer-controlled opponent or another player on the same iPod. Play through an 18-mission solo campaign or try one of three game modes: Original (one shot per turn; you get to shoot again if you hit the enemy); Salvo (one shot per turn for each ship still alive in your fleet); and Advanced (immediate access to all of the special attacks for the ships still alive in your fleet). Or select Instant Battle to play a random mission from the campaign.

Special attacks apply to every game mode but Salvo and Original. Each time you fire at the enemy, your special attack meter fills, more so if you’re successful. When it tops out, you can access the special attacks menu, which includes a missile barrage from your battleship, your minelayer’s ability to unleash magnetic mines, a submarine torpedo strike, and more. Not all of the eight special attacks are available during campaign missions, where the scenarios vary.

During a campaign, you also get the opportunity to hit bonus squares that improve your chances of victory. One might give you three turns in a row, while another lets you intercept an enemy transmission coming from a specific square, telling you where a ship sits. In addition, each mission awards you medals for performing specific deeds, such as sinking two boats in a row or firing 10 consecutive successful shots.
Head over to the site provided below to read the rest of the article.

Apple Games: Naval Battle Mission Commander

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