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Monday, February 11, 2008

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EVE Online Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story has posted the first part of a new review of EVE Online. The massively multiplayer online game offers a break from the swords and sorcery of others titles and plunges players into the immense void of space where they will contend with thousands of others trying to succeed in the game's vast universe.

Small gang PvP is often the life and trade of a player-turned pirate (not the NPC kind) in low-sec or 0.0; find some poor sap of a mission runner, blow his ship up, and take the spoils to sell on the market. If you’re an honorable pirate you might disable a ship and let the pilot pay a ransom fee to survive; if you’re a dishonorable pirate you might disable a ship and let the pilot pay a ransom fee to survive, then blow him up and take the spoils to sell on the market again. It’s an open-ended mechanic wherein players let their morals dictate their actions. This being said, not all small gang PvP is pirating; many players will patrol space in anti-pirate gangs, or hunt pirates down for their bounties (assigned by other players).

If you’re in a corporation – the EVE version of guilds – this opens up the option of warfare. Player corps can spend a fee (about 50 million ISK) to declare war on another corporation; this money is used to bribe CONCORD to look the other way as you shoot your enemies and they shoot you back. Wars are declared to settle disputes or target a corporation that harbors a known scammer or otherwise criminal, but player pirates will often band together into corporations and declare war on newbie or industrial style corps. This might not be the most noble form of gameplay in the MMO world, but it gives pirates a free pass to shoot at easy targets. Hence even industrial corps must keep some muscle on hand to beat the pirates down when they get cocky!

Lastly, the most famous facet of EVE PVP is the contest over space out in 0.0. Players are constantly jostling over control of different regions and systems; there’s a long-standing war, currently, between former 0.0 giant Band of Brothers and the zerg-like Goonswarm. These wars often involve hundreds of ships from each size, ranging from cheap little frigates to massive capital ships. View the latest galaxy map with color coded territories
Check out the full review at the link provided below. EVE Online Review
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EVE Online

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