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Friday, December 8, 2000

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Quake 3: Team Arena is Gold
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Robert Duffy and Todd Hollenshead of id Software have both announced that the team oriented add-on pack Quake 3: Team Arena, has gone "gold" and will soon be in stores. Team Arena addresses many of the gameplay and interface issues gamers complained about in Quake 3, such as the lack of team-based and CTF maps, different game modes and team-specific models. Included in this expansion are new gametypes (Harvester, One Flag, Overload), new power-ups (Doubler, Ammo Regeneration, Scout, Guard), and a revamped GUI and in-game browser. Here's what Hollenshead had to say:

Team Arena is G-O-L-D!

We expect that it may begin showing up at shops like EB and Babbages as early as
Friday the 15th. It may take a bit longer for stores like Best Buy, CompUSA, etc. to
get it in. You should check with your local retailer to see if/when they will be
getting their supply in.

For customers outside of North America, we're going to do our best to get copies out
to you before Christmas, but I don't have any sort of solid dates at this point. I'll
let everyone know as soon as I get this information.

If you haven't checked out the Demo or .avi yet, they're definitely worth the download.

We're still working on Mac and Linux, but Demos for those (as well as binaries) should
be available "soon".

Here are the details from Duffy's .plan file:
Team Arena is Gold. :-)

Some other things coming down the pipe from us in the near future.

Source code was made available earlier today to MOD authors so they can prepare their mods to be compatible with the 1.27 point release. This will help get everyone up on the same rev of the game at the same time. The point release ( 1.27 ) will be released a day or two before Team Arena hits shelves

As soon as Team Arena is on shelves, full tool source code will be released as well as new executables and I believe Graeme will be releasing the ROQ compiler as well. These are all good things. I am going to get Timothee and the GTKRadiant crew tool source in a day or so, so they can prepare that flavor of the editor and tools for the masses.

The official combined game source will be released during the same time period as the tools. This will be the integrated Q3A and TA source base.

Thanks to everyone that assisted with testing during the beta cycle and feedback during the demo.

This is good news for Mac users, as we will finally be getting the 1.27 point release, which will supposedly have a large speed boost. The issue of whether there will be a Mac retail box is still largely unresolved. Though Hollenshead hinted at a simultaneous release earlier this week, the mention of 'binaries' in his .plan suggests they will just make the Mac application available on their site for download. We'll keep you posted if anything official is announced in this regard.

Robert Duffy's .plan File
Todd Hollenshead's .plan File
id Software
Quake III Team Arena
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