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Thursday, December 7, 2000
Kawasaki Jet Ski Screens
10:13 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

In an interesting scoop, FGN Online has posted four screen shots of Kawasaki Jet Ski, a water racing game in development by Monkey Byte. There is also an interesting note in the article that alleges that Monkey Byte is eyeing console platforms:

The game is currently in development at Monkey Byte, a company that also creates content for online and PDA platforms. Looking into the company's future, it will almost certainly gear itself up for Xbox development, due to its previous work with Windows.
Kawasaki Jet Ski is the second game from SquidSoft, who created Kawasaki ATV. The game is due early next year, and will take advantage of hardware acceleration.

Be sure and visit the Monkey Byte web site as well and look in on their projects in development -- not only is Galactic Patrol 2 well on its way, but they have a virtual pet sim and several cool puzzle games 'in the pipe' as well.

Monkey Byte
Kawasaki Jet Ski Screens at FGN

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