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Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Phase On Gamasutra Best Of '07 List
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamasutra recently released its Best Of 2007 list, a lengthy examination of the games, companies, and trends that stood out last year. Phase for iPod, a game that challenges players to keep up with the rhythm of the music, was named the most overlooked title of 2007. Phase was developed by Harmonix, creators of the Guitar Hero franchise.

At the top of the list, though, sits Harmonix's little-sister to Rock Band 's big-daddy that, perhaps simply by nature of its platform and the timing of its release (just a few weeks before Rock Band took the stage), seems to have gone generally yet-unnoticed by the industry at large.

Even driven as it is without the human touch given to the rest of Harmonix's output, its note-chart algorithms show a near Turing-test-passing understanding of what drives music and connects it to a listener.

Anecdotal evidence, like the game somehow knowing to place an iPod wheel sweep in Feist's "My Moon My Man" at precisely the same point as her dramatic music video twirl, is just some of the reason that Harmonix has made it a thrill to plumb the depths of music collections.

Other recent music-based releases have shown just how confidently and skillfully the studio can execute on obvious ideas, with a result that's less about beat matching as it is rhythm-feeling.

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Gamasutra: Best Of 2007

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