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Tuesday, December 5, 2000

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Driver to Ship December 12th
2:57 PM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

Macsoft today announced that Driver for the Macintosh has gone gold and will be shipping in time for Christmas. The game will go well at retail for $29.99 and should be out in the stores by December 12th. In Driver you take on the role of Tanner an undercover cop used for driver-for-hire that infiltrates gangs. The game is set in many popular cities such as New York and Los Angeles, where you will drive a variety of Hollywood-style cars. Here is the press release:

PLYMOUTH, MN, December 5, 2000 - One of the most anticipated Macintosh
releases of the year , Driver, wheels towards home as MacSoft, an
Infogrames, Inc. label (Nasdaq: IFGM) today announced that Driver is
complete and has entered manufacturing. The game begins shipping throughout
North America on December 12.

„Driver draws its inspiration from those classic Hollywood muscle car
movies, and even includes a unique Director‚s Mode to record your own chase
scenes,‰ said Cindy Swanson, Marketing Manager for MacSoft. „With
individual pick-up-and-play driving games and a deep mission based mode,
Driver is a perfect holiday gift for the Mac gamer.‰

In Driver, players assume the role of Tanner, a deep undercover cop posing
as a driver-for-hire in order to infiltrate a powerful crime ring that spans
four of the nation‚s largest cities -- New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Miami -- each of which has working traffic lights, wandering
pedestrians, moving traffic and vigilant cops on patrol making getaways more
difficult and menacing.

To capture the excitement of its high-speed Hollywood atmosphere, Driver
comes fully equipped with an innovative Director‚s Mode that gives players
all the necessary tools to „film‰ their own car chase. After completing
each mission, Driver allows players to go back through a virtual recording
of their slick getaway, reposition camera angles and placements, and even
re-cut scenes using editing tools.

Developed for the Macintosh by Abersoft, Driver is shipping December 12 and
carries a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Macsoft has also released a demo of the game on MacGameFiles. The demo has already passed the 3000 download mark, so make sure to give it a run if you haven't already. Check out our preview if the demo isn't convincing enough.

Macsoft web site
Driver demo at MacGameFiles
IMG Driver preview
Reflections Interactive
Buy Driver

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Archives  News  Driver to Ship December 12th