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Friday, November 30, 2007
iPod Games Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Mac|Life has recently posted a feature covering several games available for Apple's iPod. The article examines iQuiz, Lost, Musika, Royal Solitaire, Sudoku, The Sims Bowling, and The Sims Pool.

From the reviews:

Musika artistically pushes colors and patterns across the screen, slowly presenting a letter. If the letter is in the title of the song playing, hit the center button to score. If not, pass with the forward or back button. Several consecutive answers catapult your points higher. This simple concept suits the iPod and almost works for a game but ultimately grows stale without more rules. Smooth, bold graphics are the biggest draw. You might have the most fun just watching animated leaves blow into letters with the Visualizer mode.

Sharp design and great art make this solitaire bundle excel. Even the menu screens show an animated character pointing at options instead of plain-text highlights. Once you deal the deck, 10 games (including Klondike, Free Cell, and Yukon) hold any solitaire fan’s interest. The scrollwheel moves between cards, while the center button makes selections. This interface is sufficient, but it’s sometimes hard to move through long stacks and quickly make a selection. Bonus: You can listen to your iPod music as you play.

The sudoku craze has subsided, but this iPod game nails almost everything we could want in sudoku. Crisp menus and graphics elegantly present thousands of these number-placement time-killers. Beyond the traditional game, which is available in several difficulty modes, you can manually enter puzzles from a newspaper, book, or magazine. Using the wheel to scroll across the 81 squares can annoy, but this complete puzzler even lets you place possible solutions in a square’s corners. The game can also solve puzzles for you when you’re totally stumped.

Click over to the link below to read the rest of the reviews.

Mac|Life: iPod Games Review

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