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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Deliver2Mac Releases Pet Doc
12:43 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Pet Doc, ported to the Mac by RuneSoft, has been released as a digital download on Virtual Programming's digital download service.

Did you ever dream of being a pet doctor? With "Pet Doc" this dream
might come true. Start up your own practice and treat all those four-
legged and feathered pets. Each day people will come to you with their
pets: guinea pigs, rabbits, budgerigars, cats, dogs and even horses.
Soon you will learn more about treating and healing animals and you
will decide when to build which building.

Sometimes it might become necessary to accommodate the animals and
take care of them for a couple of days, so that they get well again.
You can build extra stables and accomodations for them. Playing with
the pets and bear company are among your daily duties as well as
feeding them, cleaning up and the daily treatment of your little
patients. But although working with these lovely pets is a lot of fun,
even the best pet doc needs some time out. You can go to town and buy
yourself a new outfit. Or you can saddle one of your horses and go for
a long ride at the beach or through the nearby forest.

Pet Doc is available for $29.95 from Deliver2Mac.

Pet Doc

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