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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Unreal Tournament 3 Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamespy recently posted a preview of Epic Games' recently released PC version of Unreal Tournament 3, the latest entry in the first person shooter series. The game will feature fast paced multiplayer, a campaign mode for single player fans, as well as new game modes, vehicles, and weapons. Gamespy gave the game a score of 4 out of 5.

For both Warfare and the new Vehicle CTF mode, a number of new vehicles -- based on the Necris race -- join the group that was introduced in UT 2004. They're a pretty cool bunch, including the nimble Viper hovercraft, the Nemesis tank, the cloak-enabled Nightshade ground vehicle and the Fury one-man airship. The best is the ridiculously awesome DarkWalker, which is like driving one of the tripods from War of the Worlds or a Half-Life 2 Strider, with devastating energy blasts and the ability to navigate odd terrain and duck under obstacles. There's also the loopy Scavenger, which is a clear ball with tentacles that you can either crawl around with or retract the tentacles and roll around like an escaped refugee from Super Monkey Ball.

Maybe the most important new "vehicle" added for Warfare and Vehicle CTF is the hoverboard, which you always have access to and which allows you to move much quicker even while carrying an orb or enemy flag. You're extremely vulnerable on the hoverboard -- even the smallest bit of damage will knock you down for a few seconds -- but it's a great way to get around when there aren't any faster vehicles available (you can even latch onto friendly vehicles for a ride).

It's worth noting that the returning vehicles like the Scorpion and Hellbender have gotten some tweaks as well. In addition to cosmetic makeovers, they also have new abilities, like a turbo boost and eject for the Scorpion. And there's still something extremely satisfying about flattening an opponent in a Manta and hearing the game yell "PANCAKE!"
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Gamespy: Unreal Tournament 3 Review
Epic Games
Unreal Tournament 3

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