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Tuesday, December 5, 2000
Open-Source Site Updates
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Two very popular Mac open-source project sites have had major updates recently. Aleph One, the Marathon Evolves page, has undergone a major site-wide facelift, adding and reorganizing content. It should now be much easier to get information on downloading or helping out with any of the six distributions of the Marathon source code. The Content Creation section gives users help on making new maps and scenarios for the updated engine. There is tons of great information on this page, so if you got a bit lost before, be sure to visit a second time.

Another project, the OpenGL Mac Doom Legacy site, has moved under the wing of iDevGames. This should be a little easier to remember than the old Geocities URL this site was hosted on previously. A new version of Doom Legacy is promised soon, which will fix bugs and add many features to the Mac port. There are already some new screen shots available, though the release is on hold while the author works on getting it up-to-date with the latest Windows/Linux 1.31 versions. Here's a list of a few new features:

  • Faces and keys showing up in the status bar properly.
  • Level end screen displaying time/kills/secrets properly.
  • Some switches working.
  • External wad files working (check out the Goldeneye Doom screen shots).
  • Input Sprocket configuration dialog in the Mouse options menu
  • 2 mouse support

Have a look through their new images; the GoldenEye mod looks especially fun. And be sure to bookmark the new URL of their site, doomlegacy.idevgames.com.

Marathon Evolves Web Site
Mac OpenGL Doom Legacy Web Site

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