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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
IBM, AMD, Nvidia, Intel Discuss Processors
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamasutra recently posted the results of a roundtable discussion between representatives of AMD, Intel, IBM, and NVIDIA. The industry leaders were brought together to discuss the current state and future of processor designs and their impact on gaming.

Can consoles be considered a place for innovation in processing? Of course, IBM's Kahle argued in favor, with the PS3's Cell as the example. "I think in the future it will continue to drive us. It's not just that games are standing by themselves; there's a lot of synergy with other activites. [Processors] have to be good at physics. I think there are a lot of synergistic things [that] will drive us."

Feldstein said, "360 is where we got our 'go forward' architecture. You can make interesting tradeoffs in these convergence devices. If you don't oversize your system you have a system that attacks the problem -- especially in the game consoles, more entertainment."

Alban ruminated that the PC is the backbone to the whole enterprise. "It's important to not forget the PC side of the business to innovation. The PC provides the revenue stream every year for the team. If it was only a console business, we [AMD and NVIDIA] would not be here." With consoles, "every few years you can reach out and do an interesting thing, but if you didn't have development every six months on the PC, you couldn't sustain your team."
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Gamasutra: The Future Of Gaming Processors

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Archives  News  IBM, AMD, Nvidia, Intel Discuss Processors