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Monday, October 8, 2007

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Electropy Beta Available For Intel Macs
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Team Phobic recently announced the release of a limited beta for their new game, Electropy. The limited beta contains 30 playable levels of the sidescrolling arcade action title. Players move across the playfield by grappling floating polygons and swinging from one to the next. A variety of powerups and levels will be available in the final game.

About Electropy - Electropy is a side scrolling action arcade title with a fundamental game play twist. Rather than directly moving your character, the idea is to grapple on to floating polygons in order to swing your way to the goal. The game features a wide selection of power-ups such as gravity change, invincibility, and flight thrusters to diversify game play. The title also includes over 120 levels of varying difficulty as well as the same fully functional editor we used to make all the levels in the game. Players are ranked via online scores that are uploaded through the game or on Electropy.com and can download replays of any submitted score. All scores and online profiles will be available on Electropy.com soon!

About Team Phobic - Team Phobic is a group college students who have been working together on games for many years. They are based in Boulder, CO, but have many friends in many places around the world. They develop games using as much free software as possible.
The limited beta of the game is available for download on the Electropy website for Intel based Macs and Windows systems. Team Phobic is asking for all bug reports and feedback to be sent via e-mail.

Click over to the Electropy website for more information.

Team Phobic

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Archives  News  Electropy Beta Available For Intel Macs